Vigilantes Don’t Wear Tights…p

In a couple of previous posts, the question has come up as to weather or not I consider myself simply a Hero or a Superhero….. I’m not comfortable answering that, it’s something I’ll leave to history and future generations to decide… similar to sainthood, judged after the passing of time…

What specific criteria are used to judge if an individual can be classified as a Superhero?  A good jumping off point would be to reconcile the compound word itself, you must qualify on both the ‘super’ and the ‘hero’ portions – so some type of super, superior or superhuman power or powers, followed closely by a willingness to fight either crime and /or injustice.

I pass easily, on both counts – for example, as far back as I can remember, I have always had the power to quickly and accurately identify idiots, doesn’t matter where or when, alone, in crowds, behind lead shields, makes no difference – I can spot them from surprising distances, sometimes tens of feet….  yea, I said TENS of feet – JEALOUS much?!

Struggling to change the sterotypical 'Superhero' image.... 2 graduates of the Anoerexic Academy & one dual graduate of the Disguise Academy work out.

Idiot spotting, why, of course it’s a ‘power’- how many hours have you wasted over a lifetime, working, meeting, talking, interacting with someone only to discover later, they were an Idiot. Imagine what you could accomplish, were you to be given back all the time wasted by Idiots….over the course of a lifetime, it would easily add up to months of additional time, to be used at your leisure….

Fighting crime, again – guilty as charged, I’ve developed this retribution theory against evil-doers. Goes like this, if I witness, for example, an act of theft while shopping, for arguments sake… we’ll say I see a pack of gum being stolen… I’ll spring into action and immediately counter steal a 4 pack of gum, thereby rendering the initial single stolen pack as a futile and meaningless act. You don’t need to be a Superhero to see the beauty…..

On the flipside, can a superhero be anyone (human or not) that fights bad guys and is superior to normal heroes…the cream of the hero crop? And what about a costume or alter ego…are they essential for superheroism? Does the absence of any of the typical superhero trapping relegate normal crime fighters to Vigilante rather than Superhero status? You can see my dilemma and reluctance to classify myself.

Murdock, B.A., Hannibal, Face - The A-Team, while willing to fight crime, had no superpowers - were they Vigilantes?

I can only hope that I continue to grow and expand my ability to help ensure a level playing field, a haven for those less fortunate and a dark place where Idiots fear to tread and criminals take note… I’m watching you.

Have a Great Day.