Healers & Alien Abductions

You know what’s strange?

Just about anything if you think about it long enough….  If you are anything like me…. and I’m betting you thank your lucky stars you’re not…. then you get bored pretty easy, and that being the case often my mind tends to wander… generally to some really surprising places. Now some of that is true randomness but often I’ll force myself to think of some purposely obtuse, far-fetched resolution to something I’m witnessing…. generally there are three options – there will be the logical conclusion, whatever the most logical outcome is most likely to be. The funny made-up solution, where I will project some comical possibilities, extrapolate further and proceed to amuse myself, then there will be the borderline outer space, break with reality scenario, where most likely I should be chased down and shot full of elephant tranquilizer to avoid going any further…

Ok lets give you an example….. observe the following picture I snapped on the border of the downtown east-side and Chinatown….. for those out-of-towners reading this, it’s one of Vancouver’s more “exclusive” gated communities, very urban with plenty of local colour and friendly, helpful people on nearly ever street corner… but I digress… OK and I lie…. it’s a bad part of town, bad….. not Michael Jackson’s song Bad… really bad…. anyways that is what makes the picture all the more curious and sets up so many possibilities….


Ummmmmmmm.... Hello.......

Now here is an Idea I’m having… let’s make today’s posting interactive…… a little give and take….. just this once. You are obviously fine, creative, good looking, intelligent sorts… based on your reading material here…. I would really love to have everyone of you, take 5 minutes, it’s sunday – you can spare 5 minutes on the sabbath…..and send me in the comments YOUR 3 scenarios…

#1 – What most likely happened.

#2 – A funny version of what could have happened.

#3 – Something there is no way in hell would ever happen, but maybe…. you never know….

I know, I know…. you come here to read, not write – but just try it and I bet you’ll surprise yourself and it might even make you smile…. I found this quote — “Today, there is a pervasive tendency to treat children as adults, and adults as children. The options of children are thus steadily expanded, while those of adults are progressively constricted.  The result is unruly children and childish adults” — So I say, look at it this way, if you are going to be treated like a child anyways, why not enjoy some of the perks, use your imagination, have some fun, be creative, write something other than a to-do list… you can do it… I have every faith in you…. Don’t sweat it, just blast out the first three things, don’t over think it, be spontaneous… if nothing else happens I’ll get a laugh making fun of you…. behind your back of course – I’m not going to ridicule anyone publicly….

Click on the comment button, write your 3 versions, submit… come on…. do it for me…..