Motivation & Cool Names for Cults…

I’m sure – occasionally you get people emailing you those motivational posters. Lord knows I get plenty of them sent to me by various sorts. Every once in awhile I get one that either (A) – I feel is just too too true and I sit gently weeping at the futility of mankind’s lesser brothers and sisters….. and/or (B) makes me laugh so ridiculously hard I run the risk of collapsing a lung. Lately I’ve been getting strange ones that leave me puzzled. Sure it’s funny but it really makes me think what is the real story behind this photo…. I present the following exhibit for your perusal….

Now yes, agreed – funny stuff and no, personally I have never been that angry but what strange combination of events have led to the events in this photo which is now been frozen in time? I mean seriously, a cactus – that was the best thing you could find to work out your obvious aggression issues…. actually, hold on – it’s a perfect parable for life….. our anger, in the end, hurts us far far worse than those we are angry with…..

Oh My God, Chris – be deeper, be a more sage observer of modern mans’ challenges and struggles. Lead us, make us whole, extend us the favour of your wisdom and gentle paternal guidance…

Rest easy my friends – I’m putting the finishing touches on my cult manifesto and then all will be revealed to you and thou shalt be blinded by the brilliance of my illumination. One of the finishing touches that I still need to work on for my cult is a catchy name…. anyone have any ideas, please feel free to let me know… there will be extra kool-aid rewards for you at the end….

Have a Great Day.