Hitmen, We have Terrible Health Care Plans

Today’s post will be short. Rather than get all suited up in Kevlar for reals….. I’ve fired up the X-Box – put “Hitman” on AND have really really enjoyed just walking around shooting everyone in the head. Seriously, my head-shot kills are phenomenal. Apparently I’m some kind of Hitman prodigy – Rainman counts toothpicks, Gump runs and plays ping pong, I shoot people in the head.

Maybe I’ll check out “Hitman” on Workopolis or Monster.com…. it pays well, you get to travel – you command respect and travel in elite circles, wear expensive italian suits…. really, it’s a great job, if there’s a downside I can’t see it. Bonus, you can shoot people in the head. Oh, I bet there will be some listings on Craigslist…..

I’m a little pissed my high school guidance counsellor never even hinted at the profession…. come on, do you job…. obviously I’m a gifted assassin….

You don’t think I have any anger issues do you? Nothing to be upset about recently causing these violent tendencies?

Oh Really… Say that to my face… I can easily find out where you live…. I’m a Hitman.

I already have the Haircut.....

Take care and have a great weekend…. I will…. but my targets won’t……. I’m just checking, this isn’t real is it?