Oh Hey Look, I’m on Fire…

What do these things have in common both with each other and me….

Frosty the Snowman, the Wicked Witch of the West, The Terminator at the end of T2, the Salvador Dali painting Persistence of Memory (the watch on the tree), that Nazi in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson’s career…..

Give Up? They are all things that melted, just like I’m doing – it’s bloody hot. I realize all Y’all back in the east have been hotter, longer with higher humidity and worse air quality – but us west coast petite flowers, with our clean mountain air and gentle ocean breezes just aren’t used to these extremes. Tragically, some people here have had to resort to extreme measures and have had to up their frozen frappuccinos consumption to two or even three a day. It’s madness….


It’s the one and only reason I was looking forward to getting old. Seems to me old people are always cold and no matter how high the mercury soared, they still had no hesitation throwing on a sweater. I’ve always been the opposite, hated the heat – saw no call for it… So the thought of needing a sweater, of not fearing the heat and as a matter of fact, willingly embracing it – intrigued me. Hasn’t happened yet, I still detest the heat.

You see all these people walking around, all chipper and excited, “whew, thank god the heat is finally here”, “yee-haw let summer begin”, “it’s about time”… etc etc… I believe this to be a form of mental retardation…. they are mostly harmless, like the weird kid sitting in the corner eating paste.

Try and stay cool or, if it suits you better, enjoy your paste freak-o….

Have a Great Day.