The Others…..but still kind of me….

I’ve spent a pretty decent chunk of time telling Y’all about my problems, issues, concerns & struggles. Hey, my blog, my problems. But right now I want to send out some psychic love to two people involved in struggles of their own.

A boy and a girl, one an old friend and one significantly newer. They are amongst my strongest supporters and have been consistently concerned from day one without getting all stalker creepy, and both of them have the uncanny ability to contact me just when hearing from a friend will do the most good.

Now – they can both use our good wishes and if you are the type of person who says a little prayer now and then, maybe you could see your way clear to drop them in for a little while…. kind of a smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em situation…

One of these fine folks had the misfortune of breaking their leg in 5 places and was told by the doctor they wouldn’t be walking again until Christmas. That is really rough news and I’m sure frustrating for all concerned. I wish a speedy recovery for you and now, forever more, you’ll be setting off metal detectors, even if you’re naked… which sadly, happens more frequently than you’d expect. Get well soon my friend.

The other apple of my eye, is having issues with a family member who is seriously ill and going thru a particularly tough time right now. It’s been a long slow process spent helplessly watching as a sibling is systematically being relieved of their faculties one by one. The things you’ve told me you’ve been doing are above and beyond the call of duty and I can’t tell you how much I admire your poise and willingness to help in any way you can. I hope things start to turn around and there is some relief for you and all concerned in the very immediate future.

Just two of the swell folks I know and care about… when I get all wrapped up in myself and start feeling all woe is me….it sometimes helps to hear about other people and the trials they are facing, makes me realize we all have crosses to bear, so suck it up and get on with things… but then I remember.. “hey wait, this is supposed to be all about me” and I move on…

Have a Great Day