Is your Life ever worth a Watermelon?

Despite the “challenges” of late, It’s important that I try to increase my activity level each day. Of course, when I’m in one of my Tachycardic ballets it would be more than foolish to try and push the limits even further, lest it explode in a spectacular “destruction of the death star” way….

The weather here in Vancouver has been pretty great, while I understand the rest of the country is basically in flames for most of the sunlight hours, we’ve been pretty livable. So I figured I would take my 95-year-old man pathetic shuffle out for a walk by the ocean. Often there is a pleasant little breeze coming off the water, making a walk down by the water all the more enjoyable – further enhancing an idyllic walk are the magnificent mountains, their snow-capped tops, shining white, embraced in the golden glow of the late afternoons last shimmering rays of sun. The peaks contrasting sharply with the vibrant greens of the old growth forests lining the lower elevations of the North Shore and the bountiful life-giving ocean itself.

Massive sea-faring containers ships sit sullen and idle, proudly dwarfing the elegant and more agile pleasure craft darting to and fro… couples walk hand in hand on the water’s edge, sharing  sweet whispers, while off in the distance, the sound of children laughing and splashing about as they discover a shell or crab, can be seen – while the gently lapping waves tickle their feet, coaxing new gales of excited & joyous laughter to echo against the rocks…

I love the ocean, as only a man can truly love water… and I often brought my family here in hopes of fostering the same love… we’d come down to experience the overwhelming beauty, packing some food to help stave off the ferocious hunger one acquires frolicking in the salty sea air. But, then we stopped – Oh I can hear you exclaim NO!, what say you sir, what menace drove you from this paradise, what foul stench made wretched and loath your desire to enjoy the ocean….

To this I shall say unto you, twas the cats – I was a-feared for the very safety of my children, because… because of…… those damn cats.

Hundreds of half-mad, water-logged, fruit-loving cats…. after the second time we had our picnic swarmed and our melons stolen I declared, NO MORE!, no more will these feline pirates ruin the majesty and sanctity of this place… and as we packed up the tattered remains of our picnic, I turned and snapped this photo, because already I knew, no one would believe my story, so shall I provide proof that you may see I speak the truth… it was the damn cats….


You can clearly see the menace etched on this cats face, I choose my life and the life of my family over the watermelon, to this day I believe I made the right decision….

Have a Great Day