Writers Block, Spanish Marionettes & Hair

Hey, Wanna hear something Ironic….

After yesterday’s post about writing and how the words are coming easier, the flow, the stories and topics all rushing out in a jumble of creative aplomb. OK Seriously, when was the last time YOU used the word aplomb…..  My point is – I am gummed up tighter than…. tighter than…. well hot cross buns, see there, right there is exactly what I’m on about…. I can’t even come up with the… the .. oh you know what, the thingy, for the ending of the whatchmacallit.

OK so here is my plan, I’m gonna just keep moving my fingers and see what happens, it will be a little experiment – I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the old story about how if you put 1000 monkey in a room with 1000 typewriters eventually one of them would write Hamlet or King Lear, more likely something by Jackie Collins but who am I to judge…

One of the oldest tricks to help you push on when writers block drops by unannounced, is just to remove all your internal filters and write – stream of consciousness style until something bubbles up from the depths of your subconscious. Trust me on this, you do not want to see what lurks in my subconscious.

For starters, and for whatever reason, it seems Spanish Marionettes seem to be in charge of the whole thing…. they always ride in on a glittering Pegasus, but not a regular glittering Pegasus – more like one created by Dr Seuss during his incarceration in a turkish prison, where he was fed a steady diet of psychotropic drugs. Here’s the catch, Seuss was already so twisted – the drugs, which ordinarily drive a sane man insane, actually worked in reverse on him. Causing him to become a serious artist…. Choosing, oddly to paint only horrifically dark, meditative studies on biblical infamy…. see here his ‘Slaughter of the Innocents’….


His painting scares me, this much is true – the topics and subjects have turned me blue – I shall not like it in the day, I shall not like it in the night – these dark and scary pictures are not alright – in fact, truth be told, they give me fright. So ummmm, that’s just a quick glimpse into what can only be described as the outer foyer of my subconscious. You wouldn’t be able to handle entering any deeper….. sometimes it takes ME a few days to get out…. it is just wacko-time in there.

I am wearing headphones and listening to music as is customary for writing the post…I like to listen fairly loud and until I get my sound proof ‘kill room’ finished, I wouldn’t want to disturb my family, so it’s on with the headphones. I can hear you asking, “Hey Buddy, what cha listenin’ to” – well friend, let me tell you… I’m listening to the Original Broadway Soundtrack of Hair. Yes, I get that it’s funny because I shave my head – please don’t write in telling me the definition of Ironic…. and don’t bother to write in harassing me for listening to show tunes…

When the moon is in the seventh house
and jupiter aligns with mars
The peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars

this is the dawning of the age of aquarius
the age of aquarius


OK well there we go then, I’ve managed to come up with a post that should frighten and confuse most of you, not to mention raise some concern as to my mental state, clearly, my work here is done….

Happy Long Weekend to Y’all & as always Have a Great Day.