Meet My Meat Team…

I know I’ve been extolling the virtues & possibility of me pursing a vegetarian diet……. Obviously, I meant after Thanksgiving…. DUH. Speaking of the giving of thanks, I hope you took my advice and didn’t look at yesterdays pictures within 200 yards of your Thanksgiving dinner. The two pictures of the macro shots make ME gag and they’re on my body, the whole scar-rific festival is easily visible day and night just by looking down… Ugh!

I thought I might fill you in on some little known facts regarding the origins of Thanksgiving. These are the real deal, intimate details like this don’t just turn up in the 2010 Encyclopedia Britannica – these are the kinds of things only an insider or someone with connections to an insider would be privy to. It concerns the very origins of the Holiday and how I’m connected to it, not to be missed. However, that was before I was stricken with severe, possibly terminal Meat Sweats…. apparently, one cannot finish off an entire 26 pound turkey in one sitting without there being some consequences…..


Ok I didn’t actually do that BUT it sure feels like I did… the tryptophan is busy exacting its revenge as I stumble to the torturous, accursed chair/bed – seeking the blessed sleep brought on by the infernal bird and it’s overly garish bright red neck…… I dragged myself out of the chair long enough to put up this post, eat more turkey and then hobble off to lazy-boy land. Tomorrow I will give you the story on that Thanksgiving insider/historical info I alluded to earlier.

Lastly, about those awards for Best Canadian Humour Blog, I mentioned a couple of days ago – they just sent me the link – Click here to vote for me….. scroll down a teeny bit – then click on best humour blog – then click sex, drugs & ctscans….. or don’t. It’s just that simple folks. Like I said, it’s nice being nominated. Thanks again.

Have a Great Day