If my gone is brain, how talk will I?

Today will be a bit of an experiment in the use of technology, sort of a  – state of the technological union – address. On my laptop I have a speech recognition program I’ve never used it, and I thought it would be fun to give it a try, I am fingerly challenged when it comes to typing at speed and certainly have no chance of keeping up with the speed at which my thoughts tumble out…

So I’m going to dictate today’s post AND as a special treat I’m not going to correct any of the errors the program makes in recognizing my speech. It should be fun and more than likely far far funnier than anything I could come up with on my own…. are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

Microphone on…

I’m writing today’s post from my bed chair, well actually now it’s a chair bed…  The TV is on hand for whatever reason women’s wrestling is on so forgive me if this post room is a little unfocussed.

Yesterday when I spoke briefly about my time in Vietnam it really took it back.  People think it was all blood and guts and gore and for much of the time it was, but there were also times when it wasn’t so fun – as were not where I met my first wife –  le thuap she was a sweetheart but the Foo Foo was eventually no good.  It’s a fine I thought it was due to which you ran around in the back yard digging tunnels and living underground for weeks at a time when she came back up I always pretended like she had just come back from a business trip where she was a very successful slacks saleswoman responsible for the whole northeast corridor…  Old body slam off the top rope when I eventually realized she only spoke Vietnamese, that was the beginning of the end

And try something a little different in a rightist post completely with speech recognition is pretty good mess right now my plan is not to correct anything all the errors and all the misguided words, scalia, writing their me can see how wonderful old one issue where are speaking about maybe become a USC fighter. Channels I’d be in good – but I think I’d be able to help someone who were some of the lesser known five years by boosting their ego, as the economy into dust – well this is really making a lot of mistakes now. They say to you have to talk to this program an awful lot in order that it can start to recognize your speech better and then it stops making sometimes takes so many mistakes.

It’s kind of interesting to be able to just talk and see the words magically appear on the screen as opposed is nothing magic about a half the program were able to levitate a glass of juice over to me that will be magical…. flip open the keyboard and doves fly out now that would be magical, but that’s not the case.  At this panel on my computer as you can imagine having getting my resume in order something I hadn’t done for a long time heady spelled astrophysicist – do you think I’m stretching the truth too far by saying essentially no cure cancer.

Clearly speech recognition has a long way to go…. is quite interesting some words I don’t think is going to be able to understand it does – stand in other words I think it should recognize it doesn’t.  I’m assuming this is going to be a very difficult post to read off because of all the errors by this kind of funny to because I think this really gives you a good idea of what it’s like inside my head….. ALL THE TIME to many words if a loaf, too many sentences, to many ideas not enough mouths – are yes I suppose I could go back and correct all the errors but estimate defeats the whole purpose of speech recognition.  Besides everything in my hands free – while there are some pretty good looking women in wrestling can ever notice that the four by many Haitians are watching it.

Now women’s billiards is on and there some pretty good looking women in that key thing that could looking… and that’s where they get on TV or are they on TV because they’re good looking. There’s this one Asian girl who plays a mean smoker and she really knows how to walk her pants, wait a minute, hang on is that…  Oh my god…  Are you kidding me…. it’s my first wife is plain cool on TV for money, she looks really good, a speaking of Tigard traps cellist touch with… we broke up her after we opened a pretzel stand at coney island, one day she went out for mustard and liquid cheese and I never saw her again.

Well I think the public and wrapping up your we tried this little experiment using speech recognition and as of right now I have to say it appears to have been a complete failure — you have no idea how agonizingly slow I had to speak to even make a understand this well.  Like I said apparently the more use of the better it gets so we’ll see if that’s true – don’t worry Taiwan subject you two neomorph posts using this program until I get it working properly.

Have a great day

Well wasn’t that fun.

Wait, what if I wasn’t using a speech recognition program at all… what if I’ve just had a massive stroke… oh well, it’s still funny to me…