Sometimes They ARE trying to Kill You.

To the executives of Shopper’s Drug Mart,

Listen up you clever sons of bitches, I know what you’re up to. I know your strategy, I’m hip to your game plan. I’m not stupid and after visiting one of your locations today, I’m going to expose you for the sneaky weasels you really are.

This afternoon I decided to head on down to a Shopper’s Drug Mart to pick up some toothpaste. As soon as I walked through your entrance, my lungs nearly collapsed after inhaling a potent fog of perfume and cologne and other various scented products. This foggy mist was so bloody thick I could taste it.  It was that bad.

After nearly choking from my swelled throat, and wiping the tears from my blood shot eyes, I was approached by one of your half-clown, half-Elvira look-a-like “beauty consultants”. Where I can only assume she intended to stab me in the heart with the eppie pens they carry in holsters for just such an occasion… I didn’t give her the satisfaction, as I was crawling to paper goods….

it hit me…

This company WANTS you to get ill and end up purchasing expensive medication from the pharmacy!  Why else would it be designed in such a way that you have to walk through the Beauty Boutique to get to the  medication and drugs in the BACK of the store?

Anyways, that’s it for today… Shoppers Drug Mart – I’m watching you.

Have a Great Day.