Countries were Made to be Served

Back when our parents were kids in the 1800’s – I think they had more opportunity to serve their country. World wars, international conflicts, there were plenty of chances where they found themselves put in a position where they could legitimately say, I will, I will do it for my country – whatever “it” may have been….

We just don’t see that anymore, when was the last time anything you did made even the most infinitesimal blip in your neighbourhood, never mind  impacting your whole country?

Well, I suppose in that regard I’ve been luckier than most with several bona-fide opportunities to really make a difference for my nation. And while I sleep the sleep of those having served the public good in such a profound way, I find myself in the position of being pressed into duty again.

It’s generally not accepted as being “in vogue” to be unabashedly supportive of your country, particularly my country, we are fiercely proud but strangely low-key about tooting our own horn.We are generally well-respected around the world, we have a long history, and although we’ve had many difficult moments in history, none have been quite as important as the very precipice we now teeter on…

So it is with heavy (fibrillating) heart I must now make the agonizing decision to either remain as I am and take care of my personal health concerns or once again set those needs aside that I may serve the greater good of a country who needs me.

Who am I kidding, in the end we all know, I will choose country over something as trivial as my personal well-being…. so I suppose in my round-about way I’m trying to say farewell, whilst I undertake for a task that may be my most difficult yet. What can I do, my country needs me, eh.

So I’m off to Egypt in the morning.

From what I’ve been hearing on Hanna Montana, where I get the bulk of my current events information – things are getting pretty out of control over there, so they’ve called me in… if things are really as bad as I’ve heard they are – most likely it will take me the entire day to smooth things over. What I’m saying is, I’ll have no time to shop for gifts for everyone back here, maybe I can pick up some small king tuts at the airport but that’s gonna have to suffice. So don’t get all bent out of shape when I get back with nothing for you.

You can clearly see how heated things have gotten, the rioting in the streets, the disgruntled citizens… I captured this CNN screen shot from the CNN website to give you an idea of the brutality I’ll be trying to quash…. I don’t expect it to be easy, if it was, they wouldn’t have called me… Rioters below…be warned I have been known to post some fairly graphic content here and this is no exception – these people, my people – are angry, at a regime that thinks nothing of brutalizing the very citizens it has sworn to serve and protect… in this context the showing of the violent confrontation is warranted…





I think the moral outrage and societal indignation are clear on the bird-persons face…  clearly he has an issue with the green tinted pharaoh chap…. Wish me luck, don’t worry I expect to be home by tomorrow, late afternoon.

Have a Great Day