Peanut Butter, Egg Rolls & I shall return…

I’ve been wrapping up some personal business… I’ll fill you in later… I will return to posting everyday… Sunday Night April 3rd so the first new post will be ready – bright and shiny for Monday Morning…. Don’t get your hopes up too much it will still be the same old crap…. and by crap I mean my particular brand of witty frontier justice – with some book learnin’ thrown in for good measure…. all served with me in an apron, dishing out homey advice and heaping cups of warmth from our down home folksey communal kitchen…

Well here’s a spot of advice steppin’ up with a big friendly hello right now… “Virginia, get the peanut butter off that damned monkey!” – “It wasn’t the egg role Harry, it was the whole seven years!”


I can only hope in some small way I’ve made your life better than it was before you started reading this….

Have a Great Weekend.