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Heaven or Hell… Table for One Please….

I don’t expect you’d find it to be too much of a stretch to imagine that the thought of death has crossed my mind more than a few times over these past months.… Continue reading

Cloaks, Beer Floods & Cyanide

If one’s number is up and the celestial heavens doth agree it is time for you to shuffle off your mortal coil… thank your god you weren’t one of these poor schmucks….. 620… Continue reading

Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death…… Party!

I’ve returneth to make plain my summation for your certain salvation… The revealing of the fourth seal and the culmination of our initial journey is at hand, for once bound t’gether it shall… Continue reading

Things to do when You’re Dead

Fancy yourself an interesting individual? Wondering how you can express your creativity after your death? I am. What about having something funky done with your body? Ok maybe this hasn’t been the type… Continue reading