Give ME your Old broken Gold

So I’m gonna go ahead and assume you’ve all seen the commercials where you are invited  to gather up all the excess gold you’ve got lying around, drop it into an envelope and send it to them for real cash money dollars.

If you're anything like me, you have random piles like this littering your home... what to do? Fret no more...

Athletes who win gold at the Olympics will have an incentive to skip the lap of honour and run straight to the mailbox. Gold’s price has moved back above $900 an ounce this year, I understand that is significant but exactly who are these commercials aimed at?

On the off chance you are gullible enough to fall for this and think it’s a pretty darn sound  idea….  my guess is, you would only be rocking fools gold anyway…… anyone smart or lucky enough to have real gold in any quantity, is not likely to find this particular method ideal for converting their ingots into cash. I’m  gonna also go ahead and make the further assumption that the majority of homes where this commercial goes over big, generally have wheels on them.

Mail employees occasionally get caught stealing regular mail, kids birthday cheques etc etc…. and you want to send gold…. really, should you also include photocopies of your credit and debit cards including pin numbers? The lost gold is not really even the main issue, to my mind, the real danger here is the funding of countless mailpersons (suddenly drowning in new found wealth) the influx of stolen gold will directly impact the quality and quantity of weapons they can afford for their next spree….

Of course he's smiling, he can now afford the fully automatic, thanks to your Grandmothers' wedding ring....

Why does noone ever ask me before starting things like this…..

I’m just saying…..

Have a Great Day