Maximum Density & New Boobs

Earlier today we went to see Repomen at the cinema, starring Jude Law, picture Michael Cain’s younger, gayer, brother if you aren’t familiar with Jude…. and Forest Whitaker ….. the “Ghost Dog” himself, which is another really good movie with Forest, check it out… Ghost Dog Trailer…..

The movie was pretty good, the story is set in the future where a massive corporation manufacturers replacement body parts of every sort, no more waiting for a matching donor if you need a heart, lungs, kidney etc…. The catch, the parts are crazy expensive and if you fall behind on the convenient installment plan the company offers, they send out Repo-men to repossess their property – these Repomen are definitely NOT doctors so when they take their property back – it is with extreme prejudice and all the gore and violence you might imagine accompanies that repossession, like I said it’s quite good. Plus, a decent twist at the end I never saw coming….

It got me to thinking about my situation and with all the advances they showed in the movie – getting a new pair of lungs or a new heart were so advanced and as routine as tonsillectomy is today… safe, quick and easy. Now that is something to strive for… being so poked, prodded, pricked and provoked makes the thought of some future medical magical device so bloody appealing – Like Dr. McCoy’s medical tri-corder. Where the #@%* is that piece of equipment to make my life easier? I suppose it’s like the poor saps who died of measles or some other stupid illness years ago, you get what you get and you do the best you can with what’s available at the time….

My point here is in most cases we all have something bugging us, particularly as we get older, and any advance medical or otherwise that helps us cope would be welcomed with open arms. Personally (other than the obvious medical stuff) my being so sedentary these past few weeks have added a few pounds to my Russel Crowe-ish frame and cosmetically I’d love to be able to sculpt and shape my body into the temple it should be….. I’ve included a picture that was taken of me blogging so you can judge for yourself how I’m doing….. the meds often give me have hot flashes and so occasionally I’ll work with my shirt off, sorry…..

Just me getting my blog on, after the mid-morning Doritos buffet....

Got me to thinking even further, what if plastic surgery and medicine in general became super routine….. any and every flaw could be erased as easily as your average dental visit. Would everyone take advantage of it or would there still be pockets of people who refused? People with big noses and yellowing teeth and tiny boobs or would the ready availability of near perfection be too tempting to pass up.. where would it stop? Where would the standard of beauty come from and would there ever be a consensus, sure we all can point out ugly pretty quick – but beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Someone I find striking you may be luke-warm about and vice-versa….take a generally agreed upon universal beauty such as the Mona Lisa, I took the liberty of showing how even her legendary looks could be enhanced and made much better……..



SEE… Super Hot  right… perfect for the Girls of the Renaissance Playboy Spectacular or Girls Gone Wild in Venice Spring Break…… think about it, I’m sure someone somewhere is working on something just like this……

Have a Great Day.