My Failed Hollywood Marriages…

Alien, Blade Runner, Legend, Thelma & Louise, GI Jane, Gladiator, Hannibal, Black Hawk Down, Matchstick Men, American Gangster….

The Hunger, Top Gun, Beverly Hills C op, Last Boy Scout, True Romance, Crimson Tide, Enemy of the State, Man on Fire, Pelham 1,2,3….

Just a few of the films of brothers Ridley & Tony Scott, in my opinion two of the best hollywood directors working… Particularly Ridley, Tony makes a great popcorn movie, and True Romance is one of my all-time favs but Ridley… just a step above… ever since the first time I watched Blade Runner, for me, this guy was something special, a visionary… The movie he did previous to Blade Runner, Alien – well I was too young to see that at the time but I still remember the commercial and poster – the single lonely egg sitting there, no words just creepy music and then the finishing tag, In Space no one can hear you scream… brilliant. Of course when I did finally watch it, I immediately began thinking of ways to make Ridley my husband….sadly that never panned out, but I still enjoy his movies…

Opening this weekend is Ridley’s newest film, Robin Hood, which based on the commercials & trailers looks to be a great, however it also looks to be just about exactly – Gladiator. Now if you are going to copy a movie, it doesn’t get much better than Gladiator – coming out of that movie I vowed to make Russel Crowe my husband… that didn’t work out either, but I still enjoy his movies….

Normally I see big movies as soon as they open, but in this case – given my vision situation I’m not sure how it’s going to work. Although we finally took the plunge and bought me an eye patch. So we’ll see how that works out and what it means with my day to day gettin on….

You know Mr Crowe is serious hard acting because he is wearing his Gladiator hair...

I had a whole bunch of clever, funny stuff I was going to write about Robin Hood but I just can’t see anymore so I’ll wrap it up here and you can do me the kind favor of laughing and laughing until your side hurts, and then exclaiming out loud with gusto, “my god, how can he be sooooo incredibly witty”

Y’all Have a Great Day.