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Sometimes They ARE trying to Kill You.

To the executives of Shopper’s Drug Mart, Listen up you clever sons of bitches, I know what you’re up to. I know your strategy, I’m hip to your game plan. I’m not stupid… Continue reading

Memories, Routines & Cascading Puss

Well, did you watch yesterdays movie clip….. have you recovered yet. Yes – clearly it was too much way, way, way, too much, but it was also fun. Tons of fun, the kind… Continue reading

I Certainly Hope you Don’t Expect Me to Go ON…..

I’m….. I’m sorry –  – I …. I just can’t …. I couldn’t possibly write a post tonight – I just found out, Oprah has a sister, THAT SHE DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT! It’s… Continue reading

Babies, I’ll tell you what they’re good for…

Greetings & Salutations to one and all…. It’s me, Rooster – just kidding. Ok look, tonight is going to be short and sweet – 1st day back at work tomorrow, 1st day in… Continue reading

Mall Helmets, Adoptions & Hummel

We.., that’s it, after years and years of collecting, with the passing of this Christmas – I’ve finally managed to complete my “Salute to Destitute Children of the World” Hummel Figurines. They are… Continue reading

Christmas Holiday Memo from Head Office

Christmas Memo; From: Head Office Attn: All Managers and above.. The following will be the only legitimate reasons or excuses accepted for the canceling of Christmas…. . . . . . . .… Continue reading

The Church & Lighter Fluid

Well, I know you are expecting day three of my crusade to disprove the Seven Deadly Sins but, I have three Cardinals, two Bishops, an Arch-Deacon and some guy calling himself the Grand… Continue reading

Addiction, Hillbillies & Plutonium…. Help

So, there I was listening to Pink Floyd while doing some revisions on the Bible…. I decided it read better after I removed the bits about evolution & natural selection…. hahahahahahahahahaahaaaha! I suppose… Continue reading

Me, Roger, Dave & That Bloody Wall

of course there was only one thing left to do and so I finished writing the last lines, as I had promised both Roger & David…. and my god how we laughed, until… Continue reading

Old Men, Zombies & Orville

Excuse me, were you just admiring my legs. Why yes, yes I think you might have been – completely understandable. They are chiseled granite perfection – clearly sculpted directly from the hammer of… Continue reading