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Science Proves… You CAN Compare Apples and Oranges!

Hi Everyone – Tonight I’m not feeling well at all, I’m OK, just sort of generally cruddy… not sure I could get my brain rolling. The last 3 nights I’ve only had about… Continue reading

Go Ahead, Make Me Laugh…

Today, post will be short and sweet. Felt well enough to go see this man …. …at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre … he was awesome. 2nd best comedian I’ve ever seen live. Whether… Continue reading

Waiting for your Fontanelle to Harden…

When I was 5 Years Old, my Mom told me Happiness was the KEY to life… When I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up…… Continue reading

Cloaks, Beer Floods & Cyanide

If one’s number is up and the celestial heavens doth agree it is time for you to shuffle off your mortal coil… thank your god you weren’t one of these poor schmucks….. 620… Continue reading

Hitmen, We have Terrible Health Care Plans

Today’s post will be short. Rather than get all suited up in Kevlar for reals….. I’ve fired up the X-Box – put “Hitman” on AND have really really enjoyed just walking around shooting… Continue reading

Arks – You can’t have One!

I was getting a bit tired going on and on about medical stuff and Indian Jones was on TV earlier so I thought maybe we could take a closer look at the actual… Continue reading

Muppets – Tougher than you Think…

I used to write. A Lot. Every single day. About anything and everything. Just for me. In nearly every genre, in different tones and styles – sometimes it made sense – sometimes it… Continue reading

Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death…… Party!

I’ve returneth to make plain my summation for your certain salvation… The revealing of the fourth seal and the culmination of our initial journey is at hand, for once bound t’gether it shall… Continue reading

Day 3 – An Apocalypse Omlette sans Midgets…

Forsooth, it cleanses mine own soul and purges from it’s murky depths the darkness and vile, tepid residue which hath lain… to finally know thou art taking these writings to heart and have… Continue reading

Behold…. Day 2 – DJ’s, Hitler & YMCA

Do you, yes you – have any idea how much I am sacrificing by letting you in on these most high secrets…. right off the top – I might as well kiss goodbye… Continue reading