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You know what I can’t get over? If these documents are so bloody sensitive, then why are they as vulnerable as they so obviously were. OH, sorry, you caught me mid-thought… I’ve been… Continue reading


Right off the bat, this is the only one of the Seven Deadly sins that makes any sense to me. Being a slut has so many negatives I don’t even know where to… Continue reading


Even after the weekends harrowing experience, I am duty bound to carry on. It’s gonna take more than a couple of the Churches redneck stooges to scare me off. My nerves were steeled… Continue reading


Hi-De-Ho Fellow Sinner… I hope you’ve already had a good opportunity to get out and really do some focused practice with Lust, after all – these posts are written for you. It’s hardly… Continue reading


I suspect at one time or another we all feel a bit lost, after all – there are no directions, no celestial guidebook to helps us on our journey through the brief time… Continue reading

Bush, Sins & Saving You All….

It’s been a while since I’ve delved into a Barbara Walters – 20/20 – 60 Minutes – Frontline – Nova – Larry King – Hard Copy – TMZ – type investigative report and… Continue reading

The Lord, Dead Brothers & Yahoos

As I begin to write todays post it’s still Sunday, I really look forward to Sundays because it was a day, THE day – when I could openly celebrate my love for the… Continue reading

Is that a Wand in your Pocket?

Hi Everyone, I’m on Vacation tonight… why? ¬†Does this answer your question….. . Yes, my castle is on fire….. Have a Magical Day

TV Storm Troopers

So.. just as I was sitting down to write todays earth shaker…. my front door gets kicked in and three guys wearing shades and TBS jackets rush in with snacks and drinks…. they… Continue reading

Mini Vacation & Monkey Hookers

Hi, I’m taking tonight off…. …. I would also like you to not make any inferences from this totally random photo I’m leaving you for today…. it has nothing to do with why… Continue reading