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Happy Halloweeeeen……

Here’s a treat for the gentle viewer…. nice old school horror…. back in the day, when horror, true horror was in your imagination… . and this ultra violent clip from probably the best/worst… Continue reading

Angry, Angry Afterlife Fakery…

Chalk one up for the “I’m starting to get back to living life in a more normal way” column, I went to see a movie today…. It sounds pretty simple and mundane to… Continue reading

No Shirt, No Gingers, No Service…

The Chest that launched 1000 ships, yes mine… is no longer pristine, it will be scarred forevermore. A trait I share with hundreds of Latino gang members the world over. The scar has… Continue reading

You’ve Got Dead Mail…

Short and sweet post today. During my online escapades I found this Video which explains a – for the most part free – service. Basically what it does is work as a safe… Continue reading

Meet My Meat Team…

I know I’ve been extolling the virtues & possibility of me pursing a vegetarian diet……. Obviously, I meant after Thanksgiving…. DUH. Speaking of the giving of thanks, I hope you took my advice… Continue reading

Tofurkey, Flawless Science & National Awards

I’m too disturbed to write a big post today. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we were thinking about heading out to the Supermarket to pick up food & fixin’s’ for the feast… Continue reading

Writers Block, Spanish Marionettes & Hair

Hey, Wanna hear something Ironic…. After yesterday’s post about writing and how the words are coming easier, the flow, the stories and topics all rushing out in a jumble of creative aplomb. OK… Continue reading

Timely Social Commentary

If you’re anything like me, you hate poor people. Have a Great Day. .

Pros & Cons of Ink

The majority of my posts for the last couple of weeks have been on the lengthy side, so in the spirit of giving everyone including me a break, today will be short and… Continue reading

Home, Civil War & Keebler Elves

Well, I was home.┬áNow what? First thing was first, we needed to go over to the Pharmacy and pick-up all my new medications. Which turned out to be a gigantic punch in the… Continue reading