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Where are the Pitchforks & Torches?

In a stroke of financial kismet… I found this post and it relates exactly to what I wrote about yesterday… beware it will MAKE YOU ANGRY! In an interview with In These Times,… Continue reading

Seductive Plastic – The Sequel

Single white male, easy-going, ridiculously good-looking, charming & witty, seeks same for long walks on the beach to discuss and admire his new Barbie obsession… please respond to this post and tell me… Continue reading

Hope Your Valentines Day ROCKS!

You need speakers to fully appreciate yo…. Have a Great Day

What Perfect Looks Like

I’m in need of a bit of light lifting for tonight’s post. I’m tired, still can’t get the bloody smell off and am jazzed about Russel Brand on SNL…. please don’t be bad….… Continue reading

Countries were Made to be Served

Back when our parents were kids in the 1800’s – I think they had more opportunity to serve their country. World wars, international conflicts, there were plenty of chances where they found themselves… Continue reading

You haven’t been Stabbed? Give it Time…

Regular readers will be well aware of the phenomenally hard road I’ve had to hoe. I can easily say with no word of a lie or exaggeration of any kind that since the… Continue reading

If my gone is brain, how talk will I?

Today will be a bit of an experiment in the use of technology, sort of a  – state of the technological union – address. On my laptop I have a speech recognition program… Continue reading

Hey, I don’t think it’s Supposed to Bend Like That!

Now, look here – I certainly don’t want anyone to accuse me of taking the easy way out – but today I’m going to post a bunch of photos. What be the common… Continue reading

Why can’t I just be left alone to love my Tiger?

I want to talk to you about something that inspires me, that drives me, and that has inspired me. And that thing is Excellence. Because in spite of what you’ve heard, Excellence matters.… Continue reading

Giving Selflessly of Myself… Again

I don’t have much to say tonight, I think what I’ll do is just turn in early…. I usually wake up pretty early on sunday mornings. Not because I want to, it’s because… Continue reading