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My Cup Runneth Over

You know…. for all our complaining and belly aching, we have things pretty good. Imagine looking out your balcony and watching this, I ‘m guessing, suddenly there would be a radical alteration in… Continue reading

VooDoo, Rats, Goats & Croquet

Sounds simple doesn’t it. It isn’t. Yet people who ignore the eight words above do so at their own peril. It’s pretty much the sole reason I began studying the black art of… Continue reading

Naked, Racist, Elegant, Penguin Rage

Well, it was another blow-the-roof-off New Years celebration for me. Eventually and for as long as I can remember, no matter where I start out – I always end up at the zoo,… Continue reading

I want 2010 to be Shot in the Head and left for Dead

Nothing fancy or clever, nothing uproariously funny about my 2011 resolutions, nothing outrageous, nothing scary, nothing dangerous, nothing smart, nothing dumb, nothing reflective or wise, nothing worth repeating….. I’m just happy to see… Continue reading

A Very Special Hanukkah…

Merry Christmas Everyone! May Santa bring you everything you’ve asked for… Thank You very much to each and every single one of you for spending some time with me this past year, I… Continue reading

How You Can Feel Better…Right NOW!

A few days ago I joked about what you all can get me for Christmas.Then I made with the har-dee-hars by going on about the elaborate gifts that were flooding my way…. but… Continue reading

Crystal Meth & Squirrels

I’ve been watching an awful lot of movies lately, the days are really getting long, sitting here alone all day and movies help me wile away the hours. That and the heroin. I… Continue reading


Here we are, on the cusp of our last remaining sin, about to be denied. It’s been a good year, let’s go back over what has happened; I had been hoping for a… Continue reading


When I was about 6 or 7 years old we lived in a small village just outside Hamburg, Germany – guess what we ate a lot of…… right, schnitzel – were you going… Continue reading


Wrath is so obviously not a sin, I’ll make this short…. Wrath is defined as anger of a superior quality and degree, intense anger (usually on an epic scale). Baby, that is the… Continue reading