Jeremy & Not Enough Conditioner

Most of you are aware that I come from a family with deep and well respected roots in show business, going back generations. I suppose like most parents there was a period of… Continue reading

The Beach Plays the Race Card

Welcome to day three of my Salute to Animals Week… As I mentioned in an earlier post I haven’t been particularly active recently, so I figured, we live in one of the most… Continue reading

Even Cute Has to Eat…

Animals, so many… so cute, so interesting…..  so tasty….. this week we’re going to have the First Salute to Animals Week. It all started yesterday with our Salute to the Moose. Such a… Continue reading

Moose – WTF?

Where the hell do moose get off being so huge? What’s with those massive antlers? Really, you’re gonna go with antlers that big in the brush, “hey guys, check it out, Mike’s got… Continue reading

Saturday Night – Through Thick and Thin

For nearly 35 years, what… really?  35 Years – Yep… On saturday nights, you could usually find me in the vicinity of a television. I am one of the few people I know… Continue reading

Flexibility – How much is too much?

Most things….. and I repeat, most things, are better when they’re not too rigid, a certain amount of flexibility goes a long way. I believe this applies in situations across the board, business,… Continue reading

Mentors & Lazy Eyes

Think back, way way back to when you were younger and life was exciting and pregnant with possibilities, the sky was my limit, potential was infinite…  that was before the sweet bird of… Continue reading

Seductive Ice – Then & Now

James Vicary was the man credited with inventing subliminal messages. Supposedly, he ran subliminal messages that visitors to his movie theaters were exposed to during advertisements. According to his initial reports, these messages increased… Continue reading

Dreams, Screams & Too Little Sleep

I haven’t been sleeping all that well for  a good long while. It’s a combination of the Meds, stress and inability to get active. This is taking some major adjustments, I was always… Continue reading

Lotteries & Lymphoma

You may have noticed some slight changes to the home page…. I’m still getting used to the blogosphere and slowly making improvements, ideally enhancing your enjoyment. The categories at the top will help… Continue reading