Number 1, 2 & Collateral Damage

Happy Sunday Everyone – Have you all accepted Jesus Christ as your personal saviour? I certainly hope so, and if not, I’ll pray for you. Not that it matters, most likely we’ll all… Continue reading

Snake Oil – The Sequel

A few days back I posted about all the “healers” out there just waiting to take advantage of people struggling through health issues. Coincidentally, I found this amazing and useful infographic. It looks… Continue reading

Things to do when You’re Dead

Fancy yourself an interesting individual? Wondering how you can express your creativity after your death? I am. What about having something funky done with your body? Ok maybe this hasn’t been the type… Continue reading

Reading, It’s Help you very much, alots.

I am a reader. Always have been and as long as I don’t end up having my eyes plucked out for some reason (the reason, Oh I’ll tell you – at some point… Continue reading

Experimentation & Locust

Ok right off the top, I’m just gonna go ahead and put it out there – not to be mentioned again (this post)….   There has been a decidedly “cool” response to the… Continue reading

Lasers, Filth & Awesomeness

Every so often  something comes along that is so revolutionary, so cutting edge, so completely off the radar that everything that comes after it – will be changed – forever…. I’ve found it,… Continue reading

Pointy Hats & Black Cats

As you’ll find with most men, I always start out by assuming any women I meet has at least some ties to witchcraft – if not a full blown witch. It’s nothing personal,… Continue reading

Your Eyes…. Don’t Trust Them….

In an earlier post I discussed the use or alleged use of Subliminal Advertising, here – occasionally I’m going to talk about advertising/design issues… because after all – it’s what made me fabulously… Continue reading

Fun with Fur…

Happy last, 1st Official Animal Week post! I think we’ve done pretty well, we’ve had some laughs, made some new friends and maybe learned a thing or two and really – can you… Continue reading

War, Hell & Melon Helmuts

After a firefight, there is always the immense pleasure of aliveness. The trees are alive. The grass, the soil – everything. All around you things are purely living, and you among them, and… Continue reading